Ordained by the Leo Baeck College in 1987, I began my life as a working rabbi only seven months after beginning my life as a working mother. Having worked full time as the only rabbi of a medium sized community for fifteen years, I moved to pioneer the model of a job sharing rabbinate with Rabbi Sybil Sheridan. We successfully worked together for over eleven years and the synagogue we jointly ministered to is a thriving, learning, fully functioning Jewish community with a full programme of adult education as well as children’s learning, and everything one would expect from a healthy Jewish community.

I am mother to three, and juggle rabbinic work with my community with a number of other interests such as developing liturgies and rituals, information governance, keeping up with medical ethical issues, voluntary chaplain in a number of local hospitals and hospices, writing, personal study, daf yomi, and the needs of home and family, including husband, two dogs and a cat.

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  1. Rabbi Rothschild should be congratulated for engaging with negative, economically utilitarian stereotypes of women, and by extension the domestic and financial abuse of women which may be influenced by them. This Pesach should not only be a time to remember historic delivery from slavery in Eygpt, but those in our community who are enslaved both physically and psychologically by domestic violence, coercion and financial abuse.

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